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What Tech are Cutting-Edge Schools Using?

The previous decade has seen a huge growth in technological development and the use of technology in educational facilities across the United States. To fit into the rapidly changing world of technologies, schools began using digital tools to improve the experience of both students and teachers. It is safe to say that technology is helping the educational system in many ways, from cutting down the material expenses to boosting productivity and awakening creativity in students.

Besides helping students, technologies such as online platforms, mobile applications, computers, and tablets have transformed teaching in a big way. Teachers across the US are now able to personalize the learning process and provide readily available sources of content at a much lower cost. In fact, some of these technologies are only a single investment that provides a lifetime of benefits.

Virtual Schools

A great example of the use of technology in the educational system is highly popular virtual schools. K-12 virtual education is currently supported by 48 states in the US, promoting online learning as more efficient than traditional in-class education. According to the Florida Department of Education, Florida has taken the lead in K-12 virtual education with the largest virtual school in the nation, the Florida Virtual School.

While some people don’t take this system seriously, virtual schools provide the kind of online learning that meets the highest standards for quality and efficiency in teaching. Full-time virtual education includes online instructions and a full curriculum. Study plans provide the student with various courses and unlimited sources of content to learn from. Another great example of a full-time virtual school is the North Carolina Virtual Public School, which even provides a diploma for students who have dropped out of traditional schooling, giving them a second chance at education.

An Apple for the Teacher

When it comes to the use of hardware equipment in classrooms, Apple’s iPad has taken the lead recently. Schools are purchasing thousands of devices to equip their students and teachers. It is safe to say that 2017 was a good year for Apple in terms of growth in the US education market. Even though parents and traditional educators weren’t thrilled about the idea initially, tablet devices have been shown to improve learning and boost productivity.

Many schools across the United States have emphasized the importance and benefits of learning to code, which is why most of them have integrated Apple’s Anyone Can Code into their curriculum. IT education has become widely supported in K-12 schools, leading to increased use of tablets and computers in classrooms.

A New Reality

Certainly, the most interesting technological development used in today’s educational facilities is Virtual Reality (VR) technology and Augmented Reality (AR) assets. With VR and AR applications becoming available to anyone, many have recognized the benefits this kind of technology can in introduce to curricula. For example, educators are discovering AR apps provide students new insights into various fields, including medicine, astronomy, and chemistry.

Great examples are apps like Star Walks, Elements 4D, and Anatomy 4D. The software enables students to better visualize school subjects and have more information readily available at their fingertips. Some AR assets are even being used to aid visually-impaired students through haptic technologies. Haptics provides interfaces with a “stickiness” that guides the inputs of visually-impaired users.  

With so many technological assets being used in schools and educational facilities, it is safe to say that education has taken a whole new path of development. While there have been debates over the use and efficacy of technologies such as tablets and online courses for learning, these developments have nevertheless significantly enhanced the learning experience.

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