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Top 10 Network Cybersecurity Tools for Enterprises

Our Top 10 Network Cybersecurity Tools

With the exponential growth of information technology, data and mobility, we have seen the security requirements of computers and networks increase dramatically. Over time, they have become more vulnerable to attack from cybercriminals. The network intrusions not only include malware such as spyware and viruses, but also the malicious activity from hackers who can seriously compromise IT systems and networks.

To counter the “new normal,” software vendors have developed cybersecurity products to monitor and protect the IT perimeter of enterprises. These cybersecurity tools can help detect and neutralize incursions into networks.

Here is a list of what we consider ten of the best cybersecurity tools available today:

1. ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer is a utility that examines your firewall, Virtual Private Network, and server activity. It offers some of the best use of your networking security devices with extensive log inspection, auditing, and reporting.

ManageEngine supports a range of network firewalls including Cisco, Fortinet, CheckPoint and SonicWall to name a few. ManageEngine can also examine VPNs, IDS/IPS, and proxies. ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer offers analysis of your firewall activity including inbound/outbound traffic with notifications on any configuration changes or bandwidth use.

ManageEngine also regulates possible network breaches and provides statistics on current malware in the wild to monitor security breaches. The firewall policy management tool features enhanced firewall performance by addressing any suspicious irregularities in firewall policies.

2. Splunk Enterprise Security

Splunk Enterprise Security software targets networking threats together with providing tools for the detection of malware and threat intelligence. Product users can also pool several threat sources and control any activity related to the threats. These include statistical analysis and anomaly detections.

Splunk also offers inspection of a user’s activities to help detect any irregular events and behavior. Splunk’s protocols employ threat intelligence to analyze email, DNS queries, as well as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates to improve event detection and response.

Splunk provides a security software solution with SIEM to recognize and report on security threats by using alerts, monitoring, and analytical mechanism.

3. Websense TRITON

Websense is a network security solutions company whose software applications are widely used. TRITON is a security product that provides comprehensive network security solutions and is equipped to deal with sophisticated security breaches by detecting and preventing known security risks.

Websense Content Gateway is a web proxy and cache that provides scanning and website classification. Product functionality helps protect network computers from malicious web-based content. It also monitors employee access to dynamic user-generated web content.

4. Nexpose

Nexpose security software helps to build network security with vulnerability management. Nexpose allows the network’s administrators to monitor and reduce high-risk activity by utilizing threat intelligence. The application also offers relevant approaches for reducing security risks without too much effort.

Nexpose software offers a flexible and scalable deployment. This includes software and other services. Nexpose also covers security assessments by determining and certifying that security measures are compliant with regulations.

Nexpose software supports automated scanning to examine any policy violations, malware, and misconfigurations within the network.

5. IBM Security QRadar

IBM QRadar provides for the detection of threats whilst delivering complete surveillance within your IT infrastructure.  QRadar performs instant normalization and correlating activity based on current data to differentiate between real threats and any false positive activity.

QRadar can be integrated with X Force threat intelligence to provide lists of possibly malicious Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. These include malware hosts, sources of spam and other such threats.

QRadar software uses singular architecture to analyze logs, vulnerability and flow. It offers high priority event detection among millions of points of data by using advanced networking and applications visibility.

6. SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager

SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager is a firewall management system that provides a completely centralized and simplified firewall management in a Layer 3 network security environment. This allows for dashboard customization for a quick and easy security and risk assessment.

SolarWinds software automates security audits with over a hundred customizable policy checks in place based on standards from the likes of NIST, SANS, and NSA, to name a few. The impact analysis mechanism provides detailed packet transport throughout your network based on connectivity, routing and on the devices involved in a change request.

SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager also offers rules, ACL validations, and simplified change management ideal for the rapid identification and elimination of any security breaches.

7. nChronos

nChronos provides a comprehensive security solution to help detect, protect, and prevent cyber-attacks and or cybercrime activity. nChronos is not restricted to Simple Network Management Protocol or Netflow capturing but can also efficiently monitor all inbound/outbound traffic on the network. This includes emails and dialogue sessions and can generate alerts and notifications whenever any irregular network activity takes place.

nChronos is a network security software tool for medium or large networks with the capability of constant “packet sniffing” to help identify any irregular network behavior. As well as any cyber-attack notifications and alerts, nChronos records all data packet and the administrator can rewind or replay any recent network activity

8. HP ArcSight Enterprise Security Management

HP ArcSight Enterprise Security Management is a security management tool that examines risk, security, and operations. The software examines recorded logs to find events with notifications, dashboards and reporting facilities.

ArcSight provides user mechanisms to help recognize ongoing network activity by utilizing pattern recognition and behavioral analysis. This will pick up on potentially harmful threats together with its inbuilt workflow engine. It assists in managing any incidents and helps prevent damage.

ArcSight utilizes the CORR Engine to assist security administrators with advanced threat detection, security investigation and data log management. The available add-on software HP ArcSight Risk Insight monitors risk and compliance in a dynamic environment as well as mapping real-time security events through asset data.

9. Symantec Enterprise Security Manager

Symantec Enterprise Security Manager was developed to identify security weaknesses and irregularities across your network. By using Enterprise Security Manager the systems administrator is able to design standards and policies. The software delivers functionality for measuring security threats and breaches by creating baselines for your system. Thereafter, it compares the activities of the system with those baselines to confirm the network is being utilized in accordance to the designed policies.

Enterprise Security Managers advanced vulnerability assessments evaluate operating systems, network applications and devices for known issues. It will then automate report functions on various databases and provide content with the latest version templates and enhancements.

10. Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET)

EMET is a security toolkit designed by Microsoft. The software provides an interface so users can adjust security features. EMET, as it is commonly known, can be utilized for additional defense against malware.

Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Toolkit makes it more difficult for attackers to find and exploit vulnerabilities using specific mitigation techniques.

Microsoft revealed that EMET will come to an end in July 2018.  The replacement software for EMET is the Process Mitigations Module and the Windows Defender Exploit Guard.

Final Considerations

None of the network tools in the overview promote themselves as silver bullets. It’s important then, with the overwhelming choice of software on the market, that network administrators and IT department managers thoroughly understand the cybersecurity challenges confronting their organizations. Then, they must rigorously evaluate the tools that seem best to address security-related issues. Enterprises should be no more at the mercy of software vendors than they may be of hackers. 

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