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The Best Network Firewall Management Tools

A firewall can either be a software program or a device that monitors threats and safeguards networks from viruses, worms, and hackers. The exponential growth of cybercrime in the age of big data has made security measures like firewalls all the more important. Without them, networks are vulnerable to all forms of cyber threats.

Every year, software vendors offer new tools to power IT network infrastructures to protect systems against malicious activities. These software programs usually feature robust and thorough notification systems and monitoring capabilities that automatically detect existing threats.

Below are five of the top firewall defense tools on the market.

Splunk Enterprise Security

Splunk is an analytics-driven security solution that helps detect and address both internal and external threats. It makes use of correlation searches in identifying security-relevant threats.

This software program comes with investigative tools that enable IT professionals to gather all the data they need to examine the threats and formulate a response. Consumers can even automate responses that can help them address these attacks as they are happening.

SolarWinds Remote Monitoring and Management

This remote management platform comes with a complete set of tools that secure, maintain, and boost IT operations. It features real-time remote monitoring for all kinds of devices. Unlike many tools, SolarWinds isn’t designed for a single platform. It enables engineers to keep track of all workstations, servers, and operating systems. That includes Windows, OS X, and several versions of Linux.

SolarWinds also offers automation tools that enable users to perform multiple actions simultaneously across networks.


PRTG Network Monitor

The PRTG Network Monitor is a highly powerful software program that monitors entire IT infrastructures 24/7. This cloud-based monitoring solution is built for organizations of all sizes. Those with little experience in network monitoring, though, will find this program helpful as it is extremely easy to use. Once the program is installed, it scans the network and produces the necessary algorithms to monitor the network.

Best of all, PRTG is mobile-friendly. One can continue to check the network’s performance from anywhere. Using a mobile app, organizations can see the data they need from their smartphones or tablets.

WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold is one of the most configurable monitoring software programs on the market. It is intended for IT enterprises and managed service providers. Using this tool, these organizations can personalize their dashboards, see the data they want, and receive notifications that fit their requirements.

This tool automatically detects devices in the networks, which include VMware, workstations, data centers, and more. With the help of this security solution, network administrators can keep track of cross-device connections from a single map. They can also enable and disable connected devices from the personalized dashboard.


Auvik is another network monitoring tool for managed service providers. This solution enables MSP administrators to monitor entire network infrastructures from a customizable dashboard. From there, one can view the entire network’s performance as well as the status of each and every single one of the devices within that network.

This monitoring solution is not only capable of detecting connected devices in the network, but it also establishes secure inter-network connections automatically. This allows the administrators to troubleshoot or isolate devices when they need to.


Before making a choice on what network firewall solution is most appropriate for your organization, determine and understand the cyber threats that the enterprise is facing. Then, network administrators, as well as IT managers, can pick out the tool that comes with the best features for addressing the challenges identified on the network. Network firewall tools are not a silver bullet, but the correct tool implemented properly will provide some peace of mind.

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