We Put a Face
to Technology®

At Coranet, we have an enthusiastic, flexible attitude regarding technology and change. We offer comprehensive, personalized service in an IT Services landscape that can sometimes be impersonal. “We Put a Face to Technology” reflects our commitment to quality every step of the way.

Four-Phase Service Delivery Process

Evolution of Needs

Drawing on our technical certifications and deep expertise in all levels of technology, we are increasingly looking at front-end user needs in addition to core infrastructure. During the evaluation phase, we take a fresh stance and focus on the client’s future objectives, be it innovation, cost-reduction or efficiency.

Custom Solutions

Working with long-standing partners who are also best in class, we are used to meeting turnaround times that initially seem impossibly difficult. When we see the designs from the client or other suppliers, we’re not just order takers. We are proactive in making suggestions to deliver a more efficient, higher-quality solution.

Quality Execution

From the simplest to the most complex installation, we keep attuned to client and technology needs at all times. We become “heroes” to our clients because we have an outstanding work ethic and get things down in what seems like record time. Often it’s attention to detail like leaving the work area neat after an installation that sets us apart.

Ongoing Partnership

Our retention rate for clients is an amazing 92%. Often proving ourselves initially with a mission-critical and time-sensitive install, we go on to build deep and lasting relationships with your team. We become full partners in technology design and front-end user experience, delivering future layers of technology innovation efficiently. We offer maintenance and management services under Techsponse®

Some Might Say We're Customer Service Obsessed

We’re there when it matters most— from helping clients recover from disasters to rolling out the latest technology across widely dispersed locations. We’re more than a vendor. We’re your partner for the full technology lifecycle.

We rigorously monitor client satisfaction using the Net Promoter System. Our score of 80 is far higher than the industry average.

Nimble but Large Enough to Fit Your Needs

As a Coranet client, you have full access to an organization that is hyper-responsive to client requests. Our management team is hands-on and accessible, and we have technicians available throughout the U.S. to meet your every need.

We leverage certified technologists on our team and technology partners to provide a broad array of solutions.
"I have worked with Coranet for over 10 years and always find the work ethic of the supervisors and technicians to be outstanding. After a recent hurricane, Coranet helped us open offices quickly to address storm recovery. While the pressure was intense, the Coranet team maintained its very respectful and professional presence."

Paul Beckett | Special Assistant for Administration

In a few words Coranet is knowledgeable, responsive, proactive, and generous with its time – a true partner who is invested in a successful outcome.

Kate Kerpchar | Tenant Representative & Project Manager

We cover the full gamut of the changing technology world

From structured cabling to the latest on-demand digital signage, Coranet is your technology partner. We are constantly upgrading our project management processes to address the dynamic technology environment of our clients.

Build With Us

Whether you need a top-notch installation or a customized solution for the latest security or A/V System, we will be at every turn of operational efficiency and effectiveness.