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Coranet Announces 2018 Client Satisfaction Scores, Focus on Techsponse Program

For the past 10 years, Coranet has used the Net Promoter System (NPS), which includes a well-known gauge of client satisfaction. During 2018, Coranet achieve an NPS Score of 80. The IT services industry average is 33. “Each day, we show all of our clients – from the largest to the smallest – our care and love,” said Romolo Marcucci, SVP and Customer Advocate at Coranet.  “NPS gives us an independent validation of our success in delighting clients.”

Coranet has also introduced select clients to our Techsponse Premium level of service. “Techsponse is ideal for work environments that operate 24/7 or handle large financial transactions, as well as anyone seeking fast top-notch service,” according to Marcucci. The Coranet Techsponse program operates under a customized SLA that allows for:

  • A dedicated account team and email address within Coranet
  • Periodic on-site service quality/delivery reviews
  • Disaster recovery kits available at the client site
  • Shortened time frames for remote and onsite response
  • Rapid issue escalation to senior management
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