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State Highway System | Transportation

The Challenge

A major state highway system relies on sophisticated communications equipment to comply with regulations and relay travel/safety information to drivers. This agency recently experienced a security breach of proprietary network-based devices, so needed to fix this situation quickly.


Eastern U.S


Under Three Months


Network Penetration Testing

Quick Fact

Covered entire state transit system

Our Approach

Coranet helped the agency minimize any risk for future incidents, which could result in lost toll tag data or broadcasting of false messages. With expertise in network security, cybersecurity, and technology infrastructure, Coranet was ideally suited for this project. Coranet implemented a three-phase program within the tight time frame required:
1) Initial breach response
2) Site Visits & Network Assessments
3) Future recommendations

The Results

Rapid Remediation of Security Breach

We focused on multiple data centers and types of highway communications devices in locations ranging from superhighways to state roads. We quickly remediated the compromised equipment, got the agency fully operational and secured the network against further intrusions.

  • Completed several vulnerability assessments from inside and outside the network, plus several external penetration tests of communications devices, work stations, and servers
  • Recommended Information Security policies, proactive networking monitoring, software and firmware updates, and security architecture design
  • Focused on both the shorter-term fix and longer-term solution simultaneously

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