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Multinational Corporation | Finance

The Challenge

A global finance organization had grown its infrastructure in a piecemeal fashion over its 65-year history. The company had 12 offices on 4 continents and 6 time zones, with divergent phone, email and obsolete technology in use. While communications were challenging even in a BAU environment, this organization wanted to change from an affinity and non-profit orientation to a company targeting a wider range of investors. They needed streamlined technology across the full technology life cycle to meet these business goals.




Seven Months from Plan to Execution


State-of-the-Art Networking and End-User Applications

Quick Fact

Offices Across Four Continents

Our Approach

The new infrastructure was designed to provide 24/7 support for employees and investors. Coranet worked with the client to plan for the Full IT lifecycle, including creating an international IT standard, infrastructure, design, implementation/integration, and Day 2 Support. We needed to consider how all components, including existing PCs, new phone systems, servers, wireless, and video, would integrate and comply with all local regulations. Coranet worked with best-in-class technology or local area specialists for each office implementation.

The Results

Excellent Functionality and Seamless Interaction, Delivered Cost-Effectively

To date: 5 offices have been relocated. Coranet had to move quickly with infrastructure planning and execution for each location. Despite challenges, we completed the infrastructure migration on time, on budget and with seamless integration and collaboration between each office and the rest of the enterprise. The organization is now able to service clients more quickly and effectively.

New Environment Highlights:

  • Standardized infrastructure across end-user applications and a multilingual environment
  • Compliance and governance solutions implemented more quickly and cost-effectively
  • Increased automation and productivity
  • Fewer touches by clients and staff
  • Proactive monitoring of the IT environment for ongoing functionality
  • Enhanced data security and integrity

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