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Restaurant | Food Service

The Challenge

A top food chain needed to streamline menu changes, traffic flow and communications within its vast franchise. The transformation had to result in a contemporary, consistent feel across its restaurants while respecting local variations. With high transaction volume for up to 18+ hours a day, the chain needed a supplier that understood food service environment nuances and approached each and every install with the utmost care and expertise.


Eastern & Central U.S.


6 Months


Digital Signage and Infrastructure

Quick Fact

6,500+ Monitors Installed

Our Approach

To handle the advanced project planning and logistics required, Coranet partnered with a large value-added reseller and a digital signage specialist. We surveyed each site ahead of time, planned rigorously to complete 25 or more installations per night, and made sophisticated contingency plans. For example, we had spare components in close proximity to each site to reduce the chance of a faulty part delaying completion.

The Results

Flawless Late-Night Installations

Coranet installed state-of-the-art displays at 1,300 restaurants in the Eastern and Central U.S. With five boards per location, we put in a total of 6,500 displays during our late night visits. We also successfully installed infrastructure to support new traffic signage.

  • Completed work at over 90% of the sites in a single visit
  • Met detailed requirements for placement of signage boards at each site - down to the millimeter
  • Reacted quickly to all unanticipated field conditions, following escalation protocol and updating a detailed, real-time knowledge base on the sites
  • Enabled the chain to upgrade its image and the caliber of marketing/promotional campaigns.

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