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Disaster Recovery | Finance

The Challenge

Service interruptions caused by infrastructure overload or natural events prevent businesses from providing the 24-7 service access that their customers expect. After a recent natural disaster, a top company needed a rigorous, turnkey solution to get any site within its vast retail network operational after these events.


Entire U.S.


Ongoing since 2013


Wireless Deployment

Quick Fact

Hundreds of Successful Installs

Our Approach

Coranet helped the bank with several challenges, including the need for secure, remote access from a branch needing to come back online to the main enterprise IT operation for configuration, testing, and troubleshooting of new equipment.We showed diligence and creativity throughout the project. For example, we adopted a shipment/storage method previously used in the Military – crush-resistant, watertight protective cases – for use in this project. Coranet assembled the emergency kits, installed the equipment in large parts of the U.S. and provided training to client’s staff and secondary vendors on proper installation and configuration.

The Results

Restored Connectivity to Hundreds of Branches & Remote ATMs

By creating an efficient and standardized process for the client, we now have 30 kits deployed at any time across the vast branch network and have been involved in hundreds of successful deployments.

  • Rapid restoration of service at bank branches, while neighboring businesses remain shut
  • Besides restoring branch/ATM operations, the emergency kits are used to: (a) deploy mobile banking trucks after natural disasters and (b) test equipment in a new location prior to availability of main circuits

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